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This freebie is from Mijello Art and product samples are available at no charge with free shipping to the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada only. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. About The Product: Mijello watercolors were designed with the help of expert watercolor artists to mirror the pure, rich colors from nature’s palette.

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Reinstated! You can choose 1 out of 2 product samples. Breathe right extra clear, or breathe right lavendar scent. Submit your address and receive their product samples by mail. From Breathe Right: If you want night time nasal congestion relief with the calming scent of lavender, choose Breathe Right Lavender as your free sample.

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Confirm that your 19 years of age or older, then click on “free rolling papers” at the bottom of their page, then follow instructions when you confirm you email. Note: Says they ship only in Canada but they do ship to many states in the USA according feedback in forums. Product has received many great reviews from smokers.

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Must be 21+ and over. Click where it says “crown labels” and create your custom labels, they have new labels this month. Once you have created your custom labels fill out the form at the bottom of the page, you can request up to 5 every month. You can choose from any bottle size.

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These Materials are developed specifically for Nebraska drivers and cannot be shipped out-of-state. The National Safety Council, Nebraska has free safe driving materials available to Nebraska businesses, schools, or community groups. Choose from a variety of stickers, get free car fresheners, window clings, safety belt posters.. and more.

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If you suffer from allergies, requesting these skin test needle samples would probably be a good idea. Simply fill out the form and submit. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for samples to arrive by mail. About The Product: Each Allersharp Skin Test Needle is made of a non-toxic plastic and each individual needle breaks off for immediate use. The Allersharp needle eliminates false positive results because each needle is used only once, and in addition providing increased accuracy.

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Oh, this one is a must join for me, my child loves these sport fan club memberships and has got many freebies from them in the passed. Details: Child Must be a Maximum of 13 Years of Age. Slugger memberships can only be sent to U.S. addresses. Promotional Kit includes White Sox Temporary Tattoos, Wall Clings, two Reserved game tickets, membership certificate, and newsletters throughout the season (note: their newsletters are great especially if you are a White Sox Fan).

The number of sites offering free stickers online is endless, below is a list of sites offering free stickers. All you have to do is complete the request forms and wait for them in the mail. It’s totally free. I Will keep on adding to this list as I find them.

“I Don’t Believe The Liberal Media” Bumper Sticker (New)
Free Peace Tea Sticker Pack
Stop Bigotry Sticker
Goal Zero Sticker
Punisher Skateboard Stickers
Land Sucks Sticker (Fishing)
Dump Trump Stickers
Look For Cyclists
Revision Ski Stickers
Korean Dogs Bumper Stickers
Fishtrack Sticker
Back Country Goat Stickers
Equal Pay Sticker
Merry Christmas Window Cling

Freeosk’s are Kiosks located in many super markets and department stores nationwide. Click the links below and follow instructions on how to get your free product samples.

Tylenol Extra Strength Samples (New)
Get it free at Freeosk locations in Walmart Stores

Keeblers Club Cracker Samples
Get it free at Freeosk locations in Sam’s Club

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Samples (New)
Available at Freeosks in Giant Eagle stores.

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Become a Naty Ambassador and follow instructions, to get free samples of their diapers you have to refer 3 friends. After referring 3 friends the diapers will be sent to your home for free. About: Eco by Naty is one of the leading companies nationwide in disposable diapers. Known for their soft, cloth like feel, Naty provides an excellent, non bulky fit from newborn to toddler. Go green without giving up performance.