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This product sample is from Walmart, they always arrive by mail however you have to hurry if you want a free sample, they don’t usually last very long. The one thing I love about walmart freebies is that they usually send manufacturer coupons with their product samples. You get to try the product and save if you like it!.. Click on “Get Sample” and fill out the form.

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Malboro gives away lots of great freebies during the year, right now you can get a free aluminum water bottle.. Log In or register (Must be 21 year and over), then click on the promotion tab to claim your free product. Limited Time, can take up to 12 weeks to receive by mail.

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Call 1-866-296-6081 (the automated line) to obtain a promotional code to get a free sample. There are a limited number of free samples available each day. If the daily limit has been reached, or you do not have a promo code, you will be directed to PayPal to help pay for shipping. If you don’t want to pay for shipping, you can try tomorrow to request a free sample.

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I don’t think this freebie will last very long, so if you want a free sample of their diapers I suggest you request one now.. About the product: Cuties brand diapers are known and trusted by moms. Made with soft, hypoallergenic materials, Cuties keep your baby dry & comfortable by locking moisture away from the skin.

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Still Available! L’oreal samples do take awhile to arrive by mail but they do come. Click on “yes please” and choose for oily skin or dry skin. Fill out the form with your address and submit your request for a free sample of their Hydra Genius liquid care moisturizer. Your product sample will arrive by mail with manufacturer coupon savings.