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If you have the Aera home fragrance scent box or you plan to get one, this is an awesome freebie. Order a collection of their sample fragrances to best suit your preferences. Click on “order our fragrance leaflet” and fill out form. This home fragrance device is so cool that I might even buy one myself. You can watch the video on how it works here or view the Aera home fragrance device at Amazon.

Request A Free Sample
Reinstated! The form on this promotion seems to be working again, worth a shot. Enter your address, phone number, email and submit.. You should get this message “Thank you for your interest in the new fragrance by Dior. Your sample will be mailed out to the address you have provided soon.”

Request A Free Sample
Courtesy of Voyage Candle Co. After filling out the request form you should see a message like this “Due to high demand, the samples will take 12-14 days to be received”. US residents only, one product per household. The Voyage Candle company is confident that once you try a sample of their scented candle you will consider to make a purchase. Every candle is designed and hand-poured using natural soy wax, cotton wicks and the most scrumptious fragrances.

Request A Free Sample
Get a free sample of Prada Masculino Luna Rossa. To get this free product click on “sign up” and follow instructions to fill out the request for. The last time they had a freebie like this, it arrived by mail after 4 weeks. Description Of Scent: Very striking scent. Touch of black pepper, bergamot and woody scent with notes of lavender and vanilla.

Free Luxe Eau de Parfum
Yet another giveaway! Register. You will get an email or text telling you when it goes live to get your coupon. There will be a limited amount available. Be sure to sign up now so you don’t miss out!

Update: this will be going live at 4pm ET so be on the lookout for your link when they send it. It’s for free Rose Body Lotion coupon.

Free Fragrance Mist From Bath & Body Works
For those who signed up for this offer..
**** You should be getting a text today to claim your free offer around 3pm to 4pm ET. ****

This is a pre giveaway meaning Bath and Body works will be giving away free full size Fragrance mists to those who sign up now, you will get a coupon sometime in the future to redeem your free product with any purchase.

Avon Attraction Fragrance Samples
Woo hooo! This freebie is a good one, Avon had one of these samples for a different product last year and yes they do come.. Hurry though, they go fast even though they say its until March-31.

To get your free sample of their fragrance fill out the form with your address and submit. Be expecting your product samples within 8 weeks.

Note: link will not work through mobile phones, you will have to request “desktop version” on your phone.