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Official L’eggs Deals Page
See their latest offers and promotions.. Plus get connected with One Hanes Place and receive manufacturer coupons for leggs products when available. (sign up is at the bottom of their page). Note:  I am a member and I did get coupons for l’eggs on occasions.

benadryl coupons

3 Benadryl Coupon Offers
Manufacturer: Select your Benadryl coupons, then turn on your printer to print. You will have to download a smartsource software (It’s Safe). Save $1 on any allergy product, get $1 off children’s liquid, or get a $1 discount on any “stop itching” cream.

$1 Off Any Benadryl Children’s Product
Printable: Head on over to Healthy Essential to print a coupon for children’s Products. You can also save on brands like Zyrtec, Bengay, and Motrin.

smart ones coupons

$1 Off 3 Weight Watchers Smart Ones
Eat Your best: Print coupon and receive a $1 discount on any 3 Weight Watchers Smart Ones products. See Page for more details.

Order Smart Ones Online and Save
Amazon Grocery: If you like to eat smart ones, amazon has a large variety of smart ones. Many grocery stores don’t carry all their products. Buy Smart Ones chicken sliders, rice and beans, rigatoni, beef pot roast and more.