20% Off $100 Kohls Coupon (Or 15% Off) Printable & Mobile: Print coupon or show it on mobile in Kohl’s stores. Get an extra 20% off your entire purchase when you spend…

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20% Off $100 Kohls Coupon (Or 15% Off)
Printable & Mobile: Print coupon or show it on mobile in Kohl’s stores. Get an extra 20% off your entire purchase when you spend $100, or 15% off with no minimum.. Online: Apply promo code: USAVEMORE at checkout.. Note: If you pay with your Kohl’s charge card you can try code: JOY30 to get 30% off. (December-24)

All Kohls Coupons & Deals (In Store & Online)
When you click it will bring you to a kohl’s page that will display all their current coupons and deals, includes printable and online coupons.

15% Off You Next Purchase After Sign Up
In Store & Online: Get 15% Kohls coupons instantly after sign up, valid yon your next purchase. Can be printed, used online or shown on a mobile device.

15% Kohls Mobile Coupon – Text “SAVE07” To KOHLS
Within 1 Day Kohl’s will text you a code to save 15% on your next purchase in store or online.

Get A Kohls Charge Card For Extra Bonus Coupons
Save 25% on your first purchase + an additional 15% coupon will arrive with your new card. Your Kohl’s Charge card entitles you to at least 12 in-store coupons of 30%, 20% or 15% every year.

Up To 80% Off Clearance
Want great deals? I suggest you take a look at Kohl’s Clearance.

Saving Tips, Resources & Recommendations

Current Kohl’s Mail In Rebates
Buy Kohls Coupons & Gift Cards On Ebay
Up To 15% Off Kohls Gift Cards
$5 Off every $100 you spend – Yes2You
Seniors Get a 15% Discount on Wednesday’s
View Kohl’s Weekly Ad & Catalog
Kohls Store Locations
See Their Coupon Policy
Price Match Guarantee

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Expired Kohls Coupons

$10 Off $50 Back To School Coupon
In Store: Print or show this coupon on a mobile device in Kohl’s stores for an extra $10 off when you spend $50 or more on back to school items.

$10 Off Toys When You Spend $50 Or More
In Store: Print out this coupon for a $10 discount on toy purchases over $50 in kohl’s stores.

25% Off Boots & Outerwear
Online: Today only, enter Kohl’s coupon code: SAVEBIG in their promo box at checkout for an extra 25% discount on boots and outerwear for the family.

20% Off Sale Items + Extra 15% Off $75
Online: Get 20% off sale items with Kohl’s coupon code: SAVE20 at checkout.

About Kohl’s Store

Kohl’s is a leading department store chain whose mission is to offer quality merchandise at value prices in a convenient and family-oriented environment. They carry national and exclusive brands to suit different tastes and budgets. Kohl’s makes shopping for the whole family and the home simple. Use the Kohl’s coupons above for additional savings in stores or online.


  1. Kohls always accepts printed coupons from this website without question. They know how to keep their customers coming back! Yes, their prices are too high, but these coupons help. Don’t fall for their high interest rate credit card though just to get savings – these coupons work and are accepted.

  2. The $5 coupons that you get for signing up for email is one per customer. Some customers that we have come in to the store where I work always try to use several fake coupons @ a time and get all angry when we tell them that we could get fired for doing so. Please do not bring in multiple coupons, it is not the associates that are making things hard it is the customers!! We can combine $off and %off coupons, never more than one %off!!!

    • That’s just Awful you always have such great coupons they need to check there Sunday Paper…☺ I have only been here a few months from Alaska and I already know this so come on folks ditch the phony coupons so classless…..✌ Peace Out!!!Shop Kohls….

  3. I just used the 15% off coupon at the store and the cashier didn't have any problem taking the discount at all. She even said to keep it and keep shopping since it's good till the 4th. Nice!

  4. I work at kohl's, the best thing to do is apply for a kohl's charge. we have lots of days where u can save 30% just for applying. u also get lots of 15, 20, and 30% off coupons in the mail. the more u use the card the more likely u'll be to get 30% off "scratch offs".

    You can also pay your card off at the register after making purchases so u never really have a bill to keep up with and u still rake in all the savings.

  5. I signed up to receive the email alerts 3 weeks ago and haven't received the $5 coupon yet. Anyone know if they are stilling running that promotion?

  6. According to Kohl's on Facebook, the $5 coupons are still active. Some people have complained on Facebook and Kohl's has assured them that this promotion is still continuing. I'm not too sure about this because I signed up on May 21 and have not received my coupon.

  7. I love your site… Every time I'm going to the mall I make sure to print some coupons before going. That way I always save money.. You are the best

  8. My Kohls won't even accept the $5 dollar coupons anymore, they said coupon abuse is too rampant. So now I'm forced to go to another store 45 minutes away if I want to use a coupon.

  9. I work at Kohls… We had two ladies come in today, each purchasing an item that was $5 or less, each using the $5 off coupon. They proceeded to come back in 3 TIMES today and, of course, their e-bay purchased coupons were turned away.

    These coupons are ONE PER CUSTOMER. Kohl's does not need to give everyone free merchandise…COME ON. Does buying tons of $5 off coupons on Ebay so you can buy a bunch of $5 items sound honest to you? Don't waste your time. It will not take long for the cashiers to catch on.

  10. I am traveling next week to PA, anyone have any 15 OR 20% COUPONS for KOHL'S for the time period June 5-9? Please post it if you do, thanks!!

  11. If you have a Kohl's charge, they send you a BIG 30% off coupon that has no restrictions attached. I get these about twice a year in the mail. Kohl's knows that the public is hooked on these 30% savings windows, because all of my friends ONLY shop at Kohl's with 30% savings, or we don't go at all.

  12. My mom and I used the $5 off coupon at our Kohls..They are real and the codes do scan. I just got one today on the front of the news paper 6/28

    They are not offered online, they need the original insert coupon/

  13. 10$ cash coupons that i used to get every months has now stopped from last two months. want to know how to re=start this $10 cash coupons from next motnhs.

  14. You can get on the mailing list at the store. I get Kohls coupons in the mail all the time. Anywhere between 15% and 30%.

  15. Kohl's is giving out $10 coupons that can be used on anything in the store. We got about 20 of them, 3 in the mail, and the rest at the Post Office where people threw them away with the junk mail.

    I haven't received one in the mail for a while, but I've received dozens of them in the mail in the past.

    Right now I hear they are doing $10 off a purchase of $20 in the Sacramento area. You can also find their coupons, as well as many others on ebay.

  16. The $10 off $20 coupons are only in specific areas.The $10 off $10, all I have heard about these is that they are mailed out. I have never seen them. Well over a year ago they had $10 off $10 if you used your discover card. I heard that they were doing to do this again, but that was back in January, like 5 months ago.

  17. There have been many $10 coupons out there. Occasionally they swap out the forms in the front of the store for $10 for signing up for Emails. In Las Vegas they did it for a month or so then returned the $5 forms. They also offer $10 coupons when you visit a store that was recently remodeled.

    All of those mentioned ring up like Kohls Cash on the receipt. Then there are also the $10 "Gift" coupons they send you in the mail and the $10 off $20 door hangers and the $10 off $20 newspaper coupons. Combine any of these with a % off and then you have a sweet deal.

  18. just a remark, I always use Mommy Saves Big promo codes and never had a problem. I was trying to use last night: 15% off $100.00 + $20.00 Kohls’ Cash + Free shipping , the code is MOMSAVES15 expiration May 31 and it didn’t work, any suggestions

    • Hi Rose,
      Im glad you commented, i was informed just yesterday that this Kohl’s coupon was no longer valid. I have removed the coupon. Thanks 🙂

  19. this Promo code give 40% off in your order at kohls, mystery saving 40% P3N2NK4YM6TNN.
    good luck sincerely Yolanda just today 10/22/2017. it works for me.

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