Free Drink Coasters
Fill out the form to request a free square drink coaster and a round one. Free of charge. Note: If you have problems with the link above, copy and paste this URL in your browser. 

Free Samples Of Swim Spray
Swim spray is conducting a survey about chlorine and pool cleanliness.. Take the survey to win a three pack of swimspray, plus you can request a product sample at the end of the survey. About The Product: SwimSpray chlorine removal spray safely eliminates chlorine odor and irritation from your hair and skin. SwimSpray is simple to use, safe, and effective for swimmers of all ages and abilities

Free Ski and Snowboarding Stickers
Scroll down until you see “Show your support. Free stickers for your car, roofbox, skis, or board” and fill out the form.
Free Ski Stickers From Faction Skis
Different stickers about skiing will be sent randomly.

2016 Tennessee Consumer Calendar
This one is a great calendar, got one last year.
2016 BCT Wall Calendar
Email them your Address and they will send you a free 2016 calendar by mail.
2016 Travel Calendar
Message them on facebook or email them your address.

Free Refrigerator Magnet
This product sample is from JRobinson Art. Here’s how you get this freebie.
1. Go here to choose your favorite painting of your favorite artist
2. Complete the free magnet request form.
3. In the “Picture Name” field on the request form enter the name of the painting that you would like to be turned into your (1) FREE magnet.

Free 2016 Fashion Handbags Calendar
This freebie is definitely  legit, rafflecopter provides widgets for websites to run giveaways and contests online. To get your free calendar simply log in and follow instructions.

Free Insect Repellent Samples
Make your requests to get a free sample bottle of natural insect repellent. Product should arrive within 2 weeks. About the product: deet and chemical free, 99% effecting against all biting insects (mosquito, ant, tick, flea, etc.), made in the USA from 5 essential oils (thyme, peppermint, cinnamon leaf, lemongrass and rose geranium) and safe for kids, dogs and clothing.

Free T-shirt
Hurry on over to their free t-shirt request form to recieve a free t-shirt. Free t-shirt freebies don’t last long and i caught this one just in time. Preggonista is a web site that is geared towards expecting moms and already moms.