Free Barnie Sanders Yard Sign
Only available in Texas and Oklahoma.
Hillary Is Disqualified From Being Commander & Chief Sticker
This free sticker is from Marco rubio’s campaign, you will also get another sticker advertising Marco Rubio.
I Love Hillary Clinton Sticker
Simply fill out the form.
Bernie 2016 Bumper Sticker
Enter your mailing address to request your free Bernie Sanders Bumper Sticker.
Free Carly For America Sticker
Show your support and order a free bumper sticker.
Free Jeb Bush Bumper Sticker
You will have to mail your request to the addres they provide.
Stop Hillary Sticker
Fill out the form.
Ben Carson 2016
“Endorse Me and I’ll Send You a Bumper Sticker”
Ted Cruz Bumper Sticker
Join his campaign and get a free sticker.
Free Dump Trump Sticker
Limited Quantities available. (Site very slow)
Note: Will add more free stickers when Available.

Free Mobile Phone Covers
1. Register a free account
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3. Enter coupon code ZAPALS160129 in your shopping cart or during checkout
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Free Deck Of Cards
Fill out the form to request a free deck of cards. Altimatums cards is a card game that you can play on long trips with friends. There are two decks of cards that fit in your car’s cup holder. The driver draws a destination card, and the passengers draw Altimatum cards with interesting activities to do when you get there.