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Free Shipping on US Orders of $99 or More Online: Grab the exciting offers and get free shipping on US orders over of $99 and above at Hold Your Haunches….

Free Shipping on US Orders of $99 or More
Online: Grab the exciting offers and get free shipping on US orders over of $99 and above at Hold Your Haunches. Stay connected with us for more exciting offers. (July-28-2019)

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About Hold Your Haunches

The Idea for Hold Your Haunches Body Shapers started back in 2010 when Jenny and Erin, the Head Haunchos, were taking their daily exercise stroll and discussing their dissatisfaction with body shaper clothing that just didn’t seem to keep everything in place and cussing about how uncomfortable body shapers can be! As mothers to three children each, their families kept them running, but maybe not enough in the exercise sense. They both made efforts to diet and exercise, but what they really wanted was a pant that instantly slimmed and tightened their behinds. I’m a little bit older than Jenny and had already been bemoaning my dissatisfaction with my own ‘rear view,’ so when Jenny voiced concern with her jiggly bits also, we sprang to action. Erin and Jenny began their quest to find a fashionable pant that had a layer of compression to help with their jiggly bits, but they couldn’t find a thing. So they put their heads together and designed a pant that perfectly blended both fashion and body-shaping compression resulting in – you guessed it – instant gratification. A layer of highly graded compression shapewear is sewn comfortably underneath these luxury fashion pants, thus creating the rear-lifting, silhouette-smoothing, premier go-to item that we love wearing. Besides improving the view, Hold Your Haunches Shapewear eliminates the annoyance and discomfort of rolling, binding, and sagging. In a nutshell, our goal is to take the suffering out of shaping. The truth is, before we invented Hold Your Haunches Shapewear, we both struggled with feeling unhappy with our bodies, and especially our backsides. We figured we weren’t the only women dealing with these feelings and just knew there had to be a way to make getting dressed every day a little more fun and not so depressing. The result of their efforts has made getting dressed and feeling confident a truly fun process! Hold Your Haunches Shapewear is the ultimate simplifier for your wardrobe because you know you’re going to look great in them every time you put them on. These body shapers are the great looking bottom for a great looking bottom. Try them for yourself – they work!

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