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Save 15% Off on All Amish Furniture Online: Save 15% off on all Amish made outdoor and office funiture this month. For more offers visit our page. (June-30-2019) Sign Up at…

Save 15% Off on All Amish Furniture
Online: Save 15% off on all Amish made outdoor and office funiture this month. For more offers visit our page.

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About Amish Furniture Store

Since opening our doors in August of 1999 Amish Direct Furniture has exclusively carried authentic Amish country furniture. All of our furniture is truly made by the Amish using only the highest quality lumber that possesses a natural beauty all on its own. Our Amish custom made furniture pieces are truly one-of-a-kind, take one look and you can easily see the difference between our hand crafted, Amish made furniture pieces and the mass produced, straight off the assembly line furniture pieces that you find in big box stores. Often, we are asked, “What makes your Amish furniture so special?” There are so many benefits of our Amish furniture ranging from it’s unique customization to it’s quality, longevity and much more. You can either watch the video below or keep reading to find out just few reasons on why our Amish furniture is so special. Over the years we have become experts at the customization of the Amish Furniture that we sell. Because of the length of time we have been in business and the strong relationships we have developed in the Amish community we can proudly say that we have ~200 of the best builders that build and customize furniture for us. Our Amish made furniture is built to order so you decide what makes the most sense for your home. Everything the Amish build can be customized to some degree. You are not forced to settle with furniture that doesn’t fit your needs or home. There’s no need to settle on furniture you “somewhat like” but wish it was a bit smaller, different color….the list goes on. You can make any changes to the furniture to meet your unique needs and space requirements! You can even mix and match pieces of furniture – so you get exactly what you want. In most cases you can change just about everything to get the exact furniture you need. Care is taken every step of the way when it comes to crafting the best piece of furniture. Our Amish builders carefully hand select the best piece of hardwood to match the specific furniture piece they are building. Part of choosing the absolute best piece of wood includes waiting just the right amount of time until the wood reaches its ideal maturity to ensure the best strength and best quality material is used to build a fine, top quality piece of furniture that will last a very long time, which leads us to our next benefit….

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