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$10 Off Your First Shipment – Father’s day Sale
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Online: Get up to $50 off Coffee Gifts at Atlas Coffee Club. (June-16-2019)

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About Atlas Coffee Club Store

Atlas Coffee Club was founded to tell the story of coffee from around the world. Exploring a new country each month, our coffee subscription is a journey of exotic discovery, highlighting the regional differences in every cup. Curating only the finest coffee, we roast each batch to accentuate tasting profiles distinctive to their native growing region. Made to order to guarantee freshness, our subscription is the ultimate opportunity for organic flavor discovery and global variety.
Our mission is to share the world of coffee. Satisfy your wanderlust with your coffee addiction and satisfy your coffee addiction with your wanderlust. Come explore the world one cup at a time.
Club Culture is designed to be your Coffee Community. Brewing Tips, Coffee Resources, Travel Guides, Unique Cooking Recipes, Interview Features, Music Playlists, and Cultural Write-Ups.
An entrepreneur and musician, Michael quit his full-time job in the corporate world to assemble a band of fellow storytellers, travelers, and coffee-lovers as enthusiastic as he is to share stories and coffee from around the world.
An avid traveler, pilot, and actual rocket-scientist, Jon procures some of the best coffee from around the world. Beyond working to find great coffee, Jon helps with our day-to-day operations. ​
Jordan Rosenacker is a writer, musician, and creative director traveling the United States. Currently based in Austin, TX, all of his great ideas begin with coffee.
Dave Shamberger is a lawyer with experience in Corporate, Venture Capital, M&A, and Technology Start-Up law.
Passionate about fresh coffee and a seamless customer experience, Omar spends his time building and re-inventing how Atlas works for our subscribers and how we can accommodate our ever-growing experience by leveraging technology and ingenuity.
Atlas Coffee Club is​ a travel-themed coffee of the month club that explores the world’s best coffee; Tanzania, Burundi, Congo, and beyond. Each month Atlas Coffee Club highlights a new coffee growing country and shows ​the unique ​differences in both ​taste ​and culture​.​
Created to ​share coffee from around the world​, Atlas Coffee Club delivers an experience you can’t find on the shelves at your local grocery store. ​With over 50+ countries that produce delicious​ ​coffee offerings​, a​ subscription ​to Atlas Coffee Club delivers a journey in unique flavor discovery and culture from far off countries.
From ​Tanzania, Ethiopia, Burundi and beyond, ​Atlas Coffee Club curate​s only​ the finest coffee​, paying above market prices to ensure ​th​at​ farms can produce high quality coffee year over year,​ ​and roast​s​ each batch to accentuate ​flavor profiles distinctive to the​ each coffee region. Made to order to guarantee freshness, ​a subscription is the ultimate opportunity for organic flavor discovery and global variety.

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