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$50 Off on Any New Bedjet Purchase Online: Summer Sale! Get up to $50 off on any new Bedjet purchase at BedJet. To get promo code sign up at Bedjet….

$50 Off on Any New Bedjet Purchase
Online: Summer Sale! Get up to $50 off on any new Bedjet purchase at BedJet. To get promo code sign up at Bedjet. For more exclusive offers and deals visit at BedJet. (August-10-2019)

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About BedJet Store

BedJet is a technology company that is re-imagining the bedroom and sleep experience.  The BedJet Company applies advanced technology, material science and computational fluid dynamic design methods previously reserved for aerospace, medical device and automotive industries into the art and science of delightful consumer bedroom technology. The BedJet company is not a division of a massive multinational consumer appliance company, nor are we funded by private equity or big corporate capital.  We are a true American start-up company based in Rhode Island and Connecticut, full of bright eyed inventors, engineers and gadget nerds who are part of the community of Makers.  We simply love creating and sharing awesome new technology and our company was fully self-funded out of our own pockets as well as contributions from our very first customers.  Along the way we believe it is also possible to build a profitable company while doing right by our customers and showing them love and appreciation.   We want to be a company that deals with each of our customers as if they were our neighbors.  We also understand that the BedJet is a luxury product and that there are many in the world who cannot afford such luxuries.  In recognition of that, a portion of the proceeds from every BedJet goes to charities for the homeless who do not have the benefit of enjoying such luxuries themselves. Mark Aramli is the inventor and principal engineer for the patent-pending BedJet CCS.  Mark’s first engineering role was at United Technologies, builder of the space suit for NASA.  His engineering responsibilities included the space suit primary life support system (PLSS), specifically elements relating to heating, cooling and climactic comfort of the interior space suit environment for the astronauts.  Since then and for the last 17 years, Mark has been bringing leading edge environmentally friendly power, energy and thermal technology products to market.  This has included collaborating with BMW on their first zero-emissions hydrogen powered 7-series sedan.  It also included a Vice President executive role at Capstone Turbine Corporation, helping drive commercialization of their products from hand built engineering beta units to the world leader in advanced technology microturbine power, heating and cooling systems for commercial and industrial buildings. Mark has worked as a product manager developing specialty technology products like remote man-portable solar power systems for the U.S. Army and Marines.  He has also played a driving role in bringing to market advanced large format lithium batteries and hybrid drive train technologies for applications like fork lift trucks and low-emission hybrid-electric city buses (think of city bus sized Toyota Prius’s!).After a various roles as a management consultant assisting start-up environmental technology companies with their new product commercialization efforts, and trying his hat on as an investment banker, Mark decided that developing cool new innovative home gadgets using applied science would be way more fun.    We are told his inner 12-year old nerd is very proud of him right now.

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