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About Cultures for Health

Shortly after becoming first-time parents to our son, we were introduced to the idea of eating Real Food with an emphasis on traditionally prepared foods during a workshop on sustainable living. That introduction launched us on a journey that would become Cultures for Health. We spent the month following the workshop cleaning out our pantry and sourcing local food and starter cultures for making yogurt, kefir, sourdough, kombucha, and more. Within a short period we had completely shifted how we ate and for the first time we could truly feel good about the food we were eating and what we were feeding our little boy. A year later with a new baby on the way we were faced with the prospect of returning to a system where we would both have to work outside of our home. In an effort to avoid that, we started a small website offering about ten products. Two years later, Eric left his full-time management job and came to work at CFH full time. Throughout this process we have focused on our goal: To create a website where people making a food change in their own lives could find all the products and information they need to be successful. We are pleased to offer products we truly believe in and are blessed to work with wonderful customers, bloggers, and other food and natural living groups to make these products easily accessible to everyone. We strive to source and produce products locally when possible while providing excellent product selection, top-notch articles and how-to videos, and the best customer service. We always welcome your feedback and suggestions for how we can make Cultures for Health more useful to you in your Real Food journey. Product Availability. At Cultures for Health we maintain high standards in all our processes to assure you the highest quality. Although our goal is to fulfill 100% of each order, given the perishable nature of our products, from time to time products may be unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control, or we may determine that the quality is below our standards. If we are unable to ship all or part of any order our liability will be limited to those amounts paid under this Agreement.

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