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Up To 30% Off On Favorite Collectibles at Eaglemoss Online: Shop at Eaglemoss and enjoy up to 30% off your favorite collectibles . For more exciting offers and updates visit our…

Up To 30% Off On Favorite Collectibles at Eaglemoss
Shop at Eaglemoss and enjoy up to 30% off your favorite collectibles . For more exciting offers and updates visit our website. (Sep-26-2019)

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Eaglemoss Collections is the leading partwork publisher with over 40 years of experience and a passion for creative and innovative collectable products. With expertise in die-cast models, figurines, build-ups, crafts, and cooking products, Eaglemoss publishes in more than 30 international markets across five continents with offices in London, Paris, New York, Moscow, Sao Paolo and Warsaw. Passionate perfectionists.” These are words that many of our partners, employees, licensors, distributors and customers use to describe us here at Eaglemoss.  Others might say “overly obsessive” or “creatively committed,” more devoted to the end product than to the bottom line.  They’re all good words, ones that we embrace fully and wholeheartedly. At Eaglemoss, we believe that if it’s not something that ignites your passion, then it’s probably not something worth doing in the first place.  This approach to business drives everything we do in researching, creating and promoting in every market in which we have a presence. We work closely with our licensors and partners every step along the way to deliver products that our consumers would be proud to own. At Eaglemoss, we make things that people love.  To be more precise, we make things that reflect the things that people love.  If a starship from the third season of Star Trek is something that announces to the world your love for all things “Trek,” then we’ll make that.  If a statue of Wonder Woman ready for battle inspires you to take on life’s daily challenges, then we’ll make that.  If a kit helping you bake a cake featuring favourite Disney characters helps make a child’s birthday extra special, then we’ll make that, too. Since the publication of our first “partwork” in 1975, we’ve been consistently expanding our range of products and revolutionizing our product development processes to create fantastic, eagerly anticipated collections. Today, Eaglemoss is the world’s leading partwork publisher and licensed collectible company, having produced, marketed and distributed more than 150 collections in more than 30 markets across 5 continents and in 13 different languages.

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