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Buy Any 4, Get 2 Free at Hickies Online: Buy any four and  get two free plus free shipping on orders of $50 or more at Hickies. For more exciting…

Buy Any 4, Get 2 Free at Hickies
Online: Buy any four and  get two free plus free shipping on orders of $50 or more at Hickies. For more exciting offers and deals visit at Hickies. (Sep-14-2019)

Buy Any 3, Get 1 Free at Hickies
Online: Grab the exciting offer, buy any three and get one free plus 0.99 U.S shipping on 2 or more packs at Hickies. For more offers and deals visit at Hickies. (Sep-14-2019)

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Online: Purchase with Hickies and get 20% off on your entire order only for Father’s Day Sale. And get free standard shipping on all orders over $50. (Jun-17-2019)

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About Hickies Store

HICKIES, Inc is a footwear accessories company headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. It was founded in 2011 by Gaston Frydlweski and Mariquel Waingarten. Frydlewski currently serves as CEO and Waingarten as Chief marketing officer. Hickies produces a no-tie shoelace alternative which is currently sold in over 40 countries. The name HICKIES is from the cheeky term for a mark of affection. The founders believe the world needs more “marks of affection”, and they wanted to leave a mark of affection on everyone’s footwear. HICKIES designs, produces and markets a product called the Hickies Lacing System. The lacing system replaces traditional shoelaces in footwear. The lacing system also helps people with impaired fine motor skills, such as cerebral palsy and autism wear shoes that require lacing. Hickies laces are made from a plastic Elastomer and the head is fashioned from a Polycarbonate. Individual strap and head combinations are inserted into the shoe’s eyelets in a number of pre-established lacing patterns in order to adjust the fit to the user. n 2015, Argentine apparel manufacturer and distributor Topper (sports) signed an agreement with Hickies. In Argentina and other South American countries, Topper (sports) handles the distribution and sales of Hickies Lacing System. Hickies launched its first product with a Kick starter campaign in 2012 that raised $159,167 USD, six times more than the $25,000 goal. Following the Kick starter campaign, the company opened office in Brooklyn, New York and began production in Taiwan. After initial funding, Hydra Ventures, along with other investment funds, then invested $6.2 million USD in the company. 

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