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My bully sticks are inspected in a USDA approved facility and national food inspection authorities. Made from 100% grass-fed, free range cattle in South America. 100% digestible, great for teeth, and a high protein, low fat treat.We genuinely want to give you better, healthier dog treat options so that your precious pooch will live a happier life.Bully sticks are dog treats which are one hundred percent beef. They are made from the penises of bulls. Some people call the penises of bulls “pizzles” and they may refer to bully sticks as “pizzle sticks”. There are references to “bull pizzles” in literature which date back to 1523. For centuries, people have been using the penises of bulls for an array of purposes, just like they use other parts of the animal.Bully sticks have been around for a very long time! While bull pizzles were initially used in order to coat whips, they’ve been used as dog chews for at least the last hundred years.No matter what you call them, these types of “old school” dog treats are natural and safe for canines. During processing, the penis of a bull is dried and stretched. Then, it’s cut into sections and each section becomes an all-natural bully stick. Since these edible dog treats aren’t made from non-food items, they are great choices for dogs who want something satisfying to chew on.Bully sticks are the most nutritious and healthy sticks that can help your dog to stay away from the shoes and feed them for some time. Not to forget the bully sticks are 100% beef that are made from the penis of bulls. They are dried to disappear the moisture from them. This can help to make the better oral health of your dogs by cleaning the plaques and other stuffs that may stuck on the mouth of the dogs. If your dogs have the habit of chewing every thing that it gets than this could be one of the best thing for them which is tasty and nutritious at the same time.

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