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Postmates is transforming the way goods move around cities by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand. Our revolutionary Urban Logistics platform connects customers with local couriers who can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minutes. We empower communities to shop local with no waiting, and empower businesses through our API to offer delivery.Every customer enjoys a curated and tailored experience, showcasing the very best of their city. Just enter your address, find something you like, and add it to your cart. Once you place your order we’ll forward your payment to the store and you can watch us zigzag through the city streets to bring your package to you. Postmates is built by a passionate team of engineers, designers, operations and growth specialists, and is headquartered in San Francisco. The company was co-founded by Sam Street, Sean Plaice and Bastian Lehmann in 2011. Postmates helps people unlock the best of their cities – and their lives, with an insanely reliable on-demand “anything” network. Launched in 2011, Postmates pioneered the on-demand delivery movement in the US by offering delivery from restaurants and stores previously only available offline. The company now operates in 2,940 US cities, as well as Mexico, and provides access to over 250,000 merchants. While some companies try to build a warehouse and funnel goods into it – Postmates believes that our cities, our towns, our communities are our warehouses. Postmates is transforming the way food and merchandise is moved around cities – by connecting the best of a city to our customers, while helping local brick & mortar compete against retail goliaths. With the largest on-demand network in the industry, you can explore your city, find its hidden hotspots, and watch as we bring your new favorites right to your door. Download the app for iOS or Android for free. Get groceries and alcohol delivered in under an hour so you can spend your time living your best life. Whether you need a gallon of milk or a handle of vodka, we get it.

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