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Up to 20% Off on any Rose Oil Online: Shop with The Ananda Apothecry and receive up to 20% off on any rose oil. To get many exclusive deals and…

Up to 20% Off on any Rose Oil
Online: Shop with The Ananda Apothecry and receive up to 20% off on any rose oil. To get many exclusive deals and offers, please visit our site. (July-21-2019)

Free 10ml & 60ml Bottles With Purchase Of $99
Online: Shop with The Ananda Apothecry and get free 10ml bottle of Citronella and a 60ml bottle of bug-be-gone(Geranium) with the total purchase of $99. (July-24-2019)

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About The Ananda Apothecary

The Ananda Apothecary was formed by Eco-Scientist Eric Cech in Boulder, Colorado to provide an affordable source for the world’s finest true therapeutic quality essential oils. Ananda has always focused on the importance of offering the very finest authentic, pure, true therapeutic quality oils. Our intention is to offer you the MOST therapeutic essential oil for EVERY application. We do this by first ensuring every oil we sample from distillers is 100% pure (using GC/MS and other analytical techniqes), and out of all the oils of the same variety, we choose the very best smelling oil (through rigorous organoleptic evaluation). We strongly believe the best oils for any use, be it aromatic or other therapeutic application are those that are 100% pure and genuine, and have the very finest aromas. Through the combination of technological analysis and using more than one of our highly experienced “noses” here, we find the very best oils available on the Planet for you. In addition to certified organics, many of our oils are distilled from wildcrafted plants. In many cases, the very pinnacle of therapeutic activity is found in oils distilled from plants ethically harvested from nature, rather than from farmed sources. While not only being free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, these plants receive crucial nurturing unmatched by even the most careful, holistic farming methods. We offer oils from wildcrafted sources such    Frankincense, Lavender, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Rosemary and many more. There is no need to sign up or become a member of anything. We do not have separate wholesale and retail “tiers”, which would end up increasing the cost of oils for everyone. Our oils come from the distiller, which each lot is thoroughly tested here, and then to you. Again, no additional retail markup is included (which would be necessary if we also sold in stores) and no markups for “distributors” that may be “above” you in other marketing systems. We also maintain a strong customer service ethic, ensuring your questions and concerns are promptly responded to by phone or email.

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